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An essential asset for every athlete; agility involves your body’s ability to navigate exercise, or the demands of your chosen sport, with accuracy, elegance, and efficiency.

While ‘agility’ may sound like a catch-all term, it has four key elements that can be trained.

These are:

Balance: Your ability to control your equilibrium and avoid falling or stumbling while undertaking activities.

Speed: Your ability to move parts of your body, or your body as a whole, with speed and accuracy.

Strength: Your ability to have your body, or parts of your body, be able to overcome resistance

Co-Ordination: The ability for you to move your body as a whole to complete a task or series of challenges.

Thankfully, your agility can be easily improved with the use of an agility ladder. This simple piece of kit lets you plan drills that can build co-ordination, endurance, and work to build muscle groups that can support your end goals.