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Heart Rate Training

A useful part of training, your heart-rate zones can be a helpful barometer for understanding your overall health and fitness.

Once your resting heart rate and maximum heart rate are established, working out the percentage difference between each allows you to detail your heart rate zone. Each zone can be used to push and develop different systems in your body.

These include

Recovery zone (60% – 70%): This heartrate allows you to push your endurance, develop your lung capacity, and burn fat.

Aerobic Zone (70% – 80%): This region is good for cardiovascular development and improve your body’s ability to transport O2 and  CO2 throughout the body.

Anaerobic Zone (80% - 90%): This region creates lactic acid as the body and starts the burning of stores of fat. This can help trainees develop and understand their anaerobic threshold and delay, improve, or work around it.

“Red Line” Zone (90%-100%): This can, and should, only be engaged with for limited periods of time. This helps develop and manage speed and should be a part of interval training.