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Each athlete is as different as their regimen. But no matter your sport, age, or level of resilience, injuries need to be addressed before they get worse.

That means being aware of four key factors.

Prevention: The best way to stave off injury is preventing it in the first place. Building a base level of fitness and core strength provides a layer of protection against strains and damage. Most importantly, if you feel that you have tweaked a muscle, take the time to rest and relax.

Variety: Don’t skip leg day! Having a diverse routine lets you target specific muscle groups and achieve key training and performance goals. However, remember that repetitious exercise can produce damage, stress fractures, and exacerbate existing issues. Take time to mix up your routine, and stave off the boredom that can come from stale sets.

Care and Recovery: If you do suffer an injury, take it seriously. Running on a strained ankle can create long-term damage, or mask symptoms of more serious conditions. Listen to what your body tells you, ice, rest, and elevate the affected area. Or take the time to seek out professional guidance.