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Muscle Cramps

No matter what stage of your career you’re at, cramping will strike when it’s most inconvenient.  

Essential causes of cramping and how to relieve the pain once it hits.

What should I watch out for?

Warming Up: Taking the time to properly stretch before your session and cool-down afterward helps prevent aches and pains. Remember, there is never any excuse to rush into your routine.

Rest: No matter your schedule, it is essential to take time to rest and allow your muscles to recover. Overworking tired muscles results in the inconvenience of aches and agony of tears or strains.

Hydration: Always drink water. Failing to absorb enough liquid and electrolytes can trigger a cramp and quickly derail your session.

How do I stop them?

If one hits, it’s time to immediately and safely stop to take care of the situation. Firstly, carefully stretch and massage your affected cluster of muscles. This is done by delicately moving the joint of area and kneading it with your fingertips. If the ache hasn’t after five minutes, stop your session and if the pain persists be sure to see a doctor immediately.