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In many sports, there are few things more important than power. A combination of strength and speed, enhancing an individual’s power is a key goal for many trainers. This can be improved through the use of Plyometric exercises.

Plyometrics help encourage ‘explosive’ displays of power through muscular contraction. This is achieved through three distinct phases.

The first is the eccentric phase. This involves the ‘pre-loading’ or storage of energy in the muscle. The second is the amortization phase. This is a short period of time where the energy from the contraction is stored, and we transition to the third and final phase. This is the concentric phase where the energy stored in the muscle ‘takes off’ in a directed movement.

This is supported in training through a series of exercises that safely and accurately allow the trainee to control and direct the force of their movement. Training can involve a combination of squats and lunges, jumps and hurdles, and shock training to achieve the desired effect.