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Skill Development

Exercise isn’t just an activity - it’s a skill.

This involves focusing on four essential areas.

Cognitive Skills: Improving the ability to think through your exercise plan and how to best perform at your chosen sport or goals.

Perceptual Awareness: Building your ability to process information and teaching you how to make considered, accurate decisions in the moment.

Motor Skills: Knowing is one thing, being able to do is another. This involves supporting the development of your movement and muscle control to help you safely exercise, bolster and identify weaknesses, and more.

Perceptual/Motor Ability: This involves working to piece a plan together that works for you and your unique sporting or fitness goals.

This can involve verbal instruction, in-person demonstrations, or creating a routine that supports how you prefer to learn. The process can involve videos, diagrams, hands-on learning with photo sequences, or whatever you need to obtain the skills you require.