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Sports Massage

A vital part of recovery, securing a sports massage relieves your tired muscles and improves healing times. However, there are a few things that it’s essential to ask before you make a booking.

  1. Do I have any underlying conditions?: Sports massages can carry a lot of benefits, but you should remember that there are risks involved. If you’re recovering from injury, illness, or have issues around arthritis or your blood vessels, it’s important to consult your doctor before booking one.
  2. What type of massage do I want?: There are three key kinds of massage you will encounter for your session. These include Effleurage that involves gentle, hand massaging. The next one up is Petrissage which involves harder, deep tissue massaging. Finally you have Friction which is hard to the point of being painful and is used to break down scar tissue and other issues.
  3. Why am I getting it?: Knowing the purpose of your massage can allow you to enjoy a targeted experience that addresses your problem. This also helps you prepare for what could be a difficult session and work with your provider to potentially put a recovery plan in place.