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When it comes to strength, there’s much more than one kind.

For example, the kind of strength a powerlifter requires is entirely different to that of a UFC fighter, and to a pole-vaulter, a swimmer, and every athlete.

Ultimately, ‘strength’ is made up from three elements.

Maximum Strength: This is the maximum amount of force possible in a single exertion.

Elastic Strength: The maximum amount of force (or, most commonly, ‘resistance’) that is possible for you to push through.

Endurance: The limit of repeated exertion your body is able to endure.

Strength is classed as absolute, the maximum force possible throughout the body, or relative, the exertion possible related to your muscle mass, size, or other variables.

Developing strength is a challenging process that always need to be tied to your exercise goals. This includes developing a program with enough sets, repetitions, and variety to achieve your goals whole also factoring in sufficient recovery time. This can include weight training, conditioning, circuit training, and more; allowing you to get the results you need.