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Mental Imagery

Envisioning success is a major part of any exercise or sporting event. A cornerstone of sports psychology, using mental imagery to supplement your training and competition practice can let you-

Improve your skills: By focusing on best practice, you can improve your real-world performance.

Motivate your efforts: Envisioning success, recalling past wins and accomplishments helps you press through adversity.

Eliminate negative thoughts: Remembering positive outcomes and imagining how to achieve success can help you excel when it matters most.

Provide Focus: If your performance is suffering, using mental imagery can help you gather your thoughts and put your head back in the game.

Every athlete or trainee follows their own process when it come to harnessing mental imagery. While every individual is different, it involves envisioning what success will look like before you make an attempt. This can be picturing a successful putt before a drive, clearing hurdles, or mentally working through the path to accomplishment.

This helps with ‘pattern breaking’ in events and exercise and helps aid competition, exercise, or during your rest and recovery period.