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Psychology is a huge part of any athlete’s training. Taking time to attempt visualisation can help you achieve real results in a way that’s accurate and stress free.

What is visualisation?

Visualisation involves taking time to ‘imagine’ what success will look like for the exercise or task you’re trying to complete. For example, you could be a tennis player carrying out a difficult serve, golfer thinking about his next shot, or athlete completing a pole vault.

Visualising involves ‘walking through’ your success, better engaging your training and muscle memory to complete the challenge in question.

How can it help?

Using visualisation is a surprisingly powerful tool. It can help you feel more confident, deal with the pressures of performance, and achieve the focus required to complete a task at hand. This can help you block out the doubts and thoughts that can lead to ‘choking’ or ‘bottling’ your task.

Before your session, take a second to close your eyes, regulate your breathing and think about what ‘success’ will look like for your session. And, once you’ve ‘seen’ it in your mind’s eye, it’s time to go to work and make it a reality.