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What Body Type am I?

You can be training professionally, to lose weight, or achieve a desired physique. No matter what reason, it’s’ essential to understand your body type and how it can shape your routine.

This includes three types of person:


If you’ve got an ectomorphic build, you have shorter than average limbs and little bit of muscle mass on your frame. This is supported by strong shoulders and wide hips, the perfect complement to  contact sports and double-attack exercise that emphasises strength or cultivation muscle mass.


You’re a person with a medium height and build. These includes ‘wedge’ shaped body and allows you to carry muscle on your arms and legs. This potentially makes you a solid all-rounder and very responsive to cardio or resistance training. Just take care to find balance in your routine.


You’re tall, thin, and built for speed. Your build is perfect for endurance sports such as running or swimming. However, a lack of mass can make you more vulnerable to injuries or extreme temperatures, so be sure to train right.