Palm Hand Guards (ve)

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GYMNOS sits in a feedback loop of constant improvement. We work with gymnasts - just like you - to craft products that ensure you hit peak performance. It’s all a part of our legacy.

We believe that all gymnasts deserve the best. Which is why we have created the world’s first vegan handguard range; high quality products crafted from the toughest material with all the same properties of leather.

 Our Vegan Palm Guards (for beginners) are designed for emerging Gymnasts at the start of their training journey. They’ve got all the strength and durability of our advanced handguards, but they’re softer and even more flexible. We’ve chosen a flexible but firm sustainable material, meaning you’ll never have to sacrifice quality by opting for vegan over leather. We’ve made this possible through the support of elite athletes, who have supported the development of the range.

We’ve also added a new contour shape form; a unique addition exclusively from the GYMNOS brand. The curve allows for heightened dexterity around the fingers and a more comfortable fit for the fingers, ensuring a stronger grip that you can maintain for longer.

Plus, they come with a velcro strap, guaranteeing they stay tight and secure even on the smallest of hands.

Key features:

Length: 6-17cm

Width: 60mm

Finger hole size: 16mm

Strap: Velcro

Material: Artificial Leather

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 240g

Sizing guide:

Measure from your wrist to the base of your middle finger to measure your palm size.