Wrist Wrap Support

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Designed specifically for comfort and support, LIFTR wrist wraps are engineered to help prevent injuries during weight training.

Our high quality, durable and flexible wrist supports have been handmade from reliable elastic cotton and are fully adjustable with a strong velcro grip. To enhance the ease of wrapping and comfort, the design includes an elasticated thumb loop. Benefits include:

  • Elasticated and fully adjustable, meaning one size fits all 
  • Exceptional wrist support
  • Thumb loop enables easy fit

LIFTR wrist supports are sold in pairs and are machine washable.

How to use:

  1. Place loop over thumb.
  2. Pull the strap over and around your wrist.
  3. Secure in place with velcro strap.

Specifications: Cotton elastic supports (2) (W x L): 7.6cm(3in) X 33cm(13in). Colour: Black.