Kunal Lakhiani (Athlete, Trainer & Founder)

Qualifications: Level 3 

Areas of expertise: calisthenics, powerlifting, circuit sport specific based training and body transformation.

Belief: education is just as important as participation, and I apply this belief into my training methods. To achieve your goal, you must first be able to understand it.

Packages: 1 session - £45 |  | 10 sessions - £400 | 20 sessions - £760

Online Coaching: £200 per month

How it works

1. Questionnaire

Help me get to know you a little better, understand your current lifestyle, fitness level, nutritional habits and goals.

2. Programme

Based on the questionnaire I can then build a programme designed around your life.The programme will have a weekly schedule, exercises with time, distance, sets, reps, weight and any extra notes I need you to know. I will send a video of each exercise in the programme.

3. Nutrition

Based on your goals I will calculate your daily calorie goal for training and rest days with the full macronutrient breakdown.

4. Weekly check-ins

Together we will agree a fixed time and day every week to have a chat and make sure we are always on track.

5. Weekly weigh-ins

Together we will agree a fixed morning every week for you to weigh yourself.

6. 24/7 support

Your goals are my responsibility and you will have 24/7 support from myself.

5. Review

Every 4 weeks I will review your workout logs and make sure the next 4 week phase is accurate and going to keep getting you results.

Sport Training: Training partner? Choose your sport. £30 per hour

Kids Sport Lessons: Build foundational strength and improve sport technique. £30 per hour