1. Wear comfortable gym clothing. Workout clothing should allow you to move freely. Consider fabrics that breath and keep you cool. 

2. Give yourself enough time to warm-up (5-10 minutes); workout (40-50 minutes); cool down (5-10 minutes). 

3. Add variety to your workout. Change-up your workout routine. Keeping the same workout can lead to boredom, plateaus, and/or injury.

4. Cool down after your workout with stretching exercises. This will lower your heart rate and improve your flexibility. 

5. Deadlift technique. Strong grip, hips down, head up, shoulders back, chest out and toes under the bar.

6. Bench press technique. Feet planted, shoulder width apart grip and maintain full range and control. 

7. Use resistance bands to work through upper & lower body exercises, designed to tone, strengthen and define muscles. 

8. Resistance bands can be adapted to help with pull-ups and other body weight exercises such as press-ups. 

9. Listening to music during exercise will divert your attention from fatigue, exhaustion and boredom.