Weight Lifting

1: Train with the optimal weight to increase power, performance and muscular endurance.

2: Use the proper form when weight training. Bad form can lead to injury. 

3: During weight training, exhale through the hardest part of the exercise and inhale during the easiest. Never hold your breath.

4: The quickest way to break out of a muscle building plateau is to keep beating your last workout and/or set. 

5: Training legs will help pack on lean muscle mass and keep the fat off. 

6: During a heavy, intense leg workout levels of growth hormone in the body will increase. 

7: Increase the size of your abdominals by exhausting them by lifting a heavy load in a short, intense workout.

8: For more abdominal definition you will need to reduce your overall body fat %. 

9: Building your triceps will do more to make your arms look bigger because the triceps make up the bulk of your arm. 

10: Try using a wider grip on your bench press, this takes the strain off the shoulders and triceps.

11: Step 1: Eat clean. Step 2: Lift heavy. Step 3: Sleep sound. Step 4: Repeat steps 1 to 3 until goals are achieved. 

12: Weight training re-builds your lost muscle. 

13: Warm-up leg extensions. Increases blood flow in and around the knees and will warm-up the quad muscles of the leg. 

14: For women weight training with lighter weights won't increase muscle size as much as muscle density and strength. 

15: Getting back into the gym? Try a full-body workout. 2 to 4 sets per exercise per muscle group for 10 to 12 repetitions.

16: Weight training. This type of training will develop the strength and size of muscles.

17. For weight training routines, never work the same muscles group two days in a row.