Agility Resistance Band 2m x 1.75"

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ELASTECH bands are built to last. We’ve designed them using 100% natural rubber from the ficus elastica plant - so they’re durable, but flexible. 

Our 2m x 1.75” agility resistance band is built for speed training resistance. The extended length and durable construction increases ground force mobility by forcing a drag to the natural movement of your practice. 

Use it for anything from resistance running to shuffling drills, backpedaling to ballistic sprints.

Key features:

ELASTECH 2m x 1.75” agility resistance band

  • Material: Rubber (100%)
  • Maximum resistance: 150%
  • Safe operating distance: 5m


  1. Measure the safe operating distance. Mark this and be sure not to exceed in any circumstances.
  2. Secure the band to an anchor point or have a partner anchor the band around their waist.
  3. Loop the band around yourself to commence the practice.