Water Bottle 1000ml

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World's 1st sports sipper on a copper bottle.

It’s the ultimate bottle to purify water.

COPPER SCIENCE bottles are constructed from the oligodynamic metal, copper, to sterilize your drinking water. They control the gram-negative enteric pathogens in water so that what’s left is totally pure and hydrating.

As an athlete, this matters: the process balances your body’s complex chemical processes and maximises your performance potential.

And when you’re perfecting your craft, that’s what matters most.

How to use it? Rinse and fill your copper bottle with room temperature water and close the lid. Allow the water to rest for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 hours before drinking.

This 1000ml bottle comes with a screw top lid and sipper attachment: it’s perfect for hydration on the go.

Lab results:

Symbol: Cu
Atomic number: 29
Copper: 99.17%
Hardness (VPN): 48-52
Elongation: 38.4%
Tensile strength: 221 n/mm¹
ECV: 12.8mm
Atomic mass: 63.546 u
Electron configuration: [Ar] 3d¹⁰4s¹
Melting point: 1,085 °C