Water Bottle 650ml

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World's 1st sports sipper on a copper bottle.

Our copper element bottles control the gram-negative enteric pathogens in drinking water, leaving you with the purest water.

Why does this matter? As an athlete, your body needs pure water - void of negative bacterial cells - to replenish the body and rebalance its complex chemical processes. That’s why we decided to craft our water vessels from oligodynamic metal, stripping out the negative enteric pathogens and inhibiting the growth of bacterial microorganisms.

The end result: naturally alkaline and sterilized water to maximise your performance potential.

How to use it? Rinse and fill your copper bottle with room temperature water and close the lid. Allow the water to rest for a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 hours before drinking.

Copper is essential for:

• Brain development during fetal and postnatal growth, and maintenance of brain health throughout life, including effective anti-oxidative defense
• Efficient communication between nerve cells
• Maintenance of healthy skin and connective tissue
• Wound healing
• Structural integrity and function of heart and blood vessels
• Growth of new blood vessels
• Proper structure and function of circulating blood cells
• Formation of the cells of our immune system (the white blood cells)
• Maintenance of a healthy and effective immune response
• Generation and storage of energy in the ‘power plants’ of our cells, the mitochondria.

This 650ml bottle comes with a screw-top lid and a sports sipper.

Lab results:

Symbol: Cu
Atomic number: 29
Copper: 99.17%
Hardness (VPN): 48-52
Elongation: 38.4%
Tensile strength: 221 n/mm¹
ECV: 12.8mm
Atomic mass: 63.546 u
Electron configuration: [Ar] 3d¹⁰4s¹
Melting point: 1,085 °C
Density: 8.96 g/cm³ (Near room temperature)