Massage Ball Kit

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The massage ball kit includes a single lacrosse massage ball which are used to loosen up tight muscles and help with soreness, tension, stiffness and knots in the muscles. Great for those areas you can't quite reach with a foam roller roller. Size: 7cm. Colour: Black.

Double lacrosse massage balls which are used to restore normal range of motion to the thoracic spine, help restore suppleness to your spine, allows you to zero in on one segment of the vertebra that might be the major cause of restriction for your entire back and works well on upper back, neck and scapula - the thoracic spine. Made of silicone. Size: 12cm x 70cm. Colour Black.

Spiky massage balls are used to help improve circulation and release tight, uncomfortable muscles. Apply in circular motions with a firm massage in the chosen area and apply light or heavy pressure depending on your needs. The pressure can be applied to a single point or rolled over wider areas, making sure to avoid the spine.