Rings Hand Guards

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GYMNOS sits in a feedback loop of constant improvement. We work with gymnasts - just like you - to craft products that ensure you hit peak performance. It’s all a part of our legacy.

Our Rings Handguards are designed to help you outperform your competition. They’re crafted from our special layer constructed 100% leather, with the choice of a flexible double buckle or velcro strap to keep the guards firmly secured to your wrists. They’re comfortable but strong; the ideal combination to take you from ‘good’ to ‘perfect’.

We’ve also added a new contour shape form; a unique addition exclusively from the GYMNOS brand. The curve allows for heightened dexterity around the fingers and a more comfortable fit for the fingers, ensuring a stronger grip that you can maintain for longer. 

We’ve designed our Rings Handguards for aspiring athletes and elite training. That means they’re hand guards you can trust.

It’s simple. You want to be your best. We want that for you, too. That’s why our products are designed to support you throughout your entire gymnast journey.

Key features:

Length: 18-25cm

Width: 46mm

Finger hole size: 12-17mm

Strap: Velcro

Material: Leather

Thickness: 3mm

Weight: 240g

    Sizing guide:

    Measure from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger. If your size falls between the sizes, opt for the smaller size; our guards are designed to stretch.