Therapy Resistance Band 4ft x 14cm x 0.022”

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ELASTECH bands are built to last. We’ve designed them using 100% natural rubber from the ficus elastica plant - so they’re durable, but flexible.

Our 4ft therapy bands are designed to support your fitness and recovery goals. The bands are easy to use and portable; they’ll become a daily part of your training regime. They come in progressive thickness levels, meaning you can adjust your exercises with ease.

The ELASTECH therapy bands have been crafted to support a range of physiotherapy needs, including rehabilitation injuries, supporting athletic performance and functional living.

Key features: 

ELASTECH 4ft x 14cm x 0.022” indigo therapy resistance band

  • Material: Rubber (100%)
  • Maximum resistance: 150%
  • Resting length:
  • Safe operating distance: 120”